Security door locks can extensively differ from simple locksets to a more multifaceted keyless entry and security alarms. The use of these door locks usually rely on the type of security you will require for the most part. The locksets are among the basic types of door locks since it only includes the ordinary lock and doorknob which we use in our homes. Since the basic lockset is not enough, adding a security device can increase security to the next level.

Though suitable, spring door locksets only offer a very negligible level of security since it is highly vulnerable for lock picking. Characteristically, this type of lockset has key access on its exterior and a push button mechanism on its interior. This just means that you can open the door with a key from the outside and push the button to lock from the inside. Other types of locksets use a key to access both sides. Locksmith Edison NJ always equipped to install any kind of door locks which are best for your security system.

As previously mentioned, deadbolts give extra level of security. Unlike locksets, the deadbolts do not use springs but use manual operation to make it work. The double cylinder deadlock needs a key to open and lock both sides while the single cylinder style needs a key on the exterior and a knob on its exterior side. In order to make sure a good level of security, the bolts must be thick enough to prevent interlopers from easy access.

Many homeowners typically use a combination of these security locks such as using combining a combination lock and a lockset. Deadbolts are mainly for extra security while entry locking sets are much for display rather than security. Today, you can purchase this combination of security door locks at any residence security store where only one key is utilized to open both the deadbolt and entry lock set.

For keyless access systems, electronic keypads are usually used to replace the conventional keys we use at residence. Most of these keyless systems are linked to an alarm system which sets off when the door is not appropriately locked or when an unauthorized entry has been detected.