The door locks that can be installed nowadays are the standard lock where a key must be utilized and for many people this is a type of lock they prefer. There can be some tribulations with this lock; it means that everybody in the family will require their own key and anybody who comes in such as a babysitter will also need a key. This leaves the likelihood for keys to be lost, which makes the lock unsafe and there is also the option of someone picking the lock. Locksmith Oceanside can deal with every kind of door and door locks issues. When it comes to residential security system hiring the Locksmith in Oceanside.


Another type of lock that can be used is one that has a keypad and a code can be put in that allows the door to be opened. This is good for some families, but it is not always the ideal choice if the family has children that arrive home before the parents, because they have to remember the code that requirements to be used. It also means that other people beside family members might require to be given this code.


A third alternative in door locks is the finger print keypad; this is a door locking system that instead of the key or code it uses fingerprints to unlock the door. This type of lock has a program that is used on the computer to add or delete the fingerprints and that means anybody can be allowed into the home and when their services are no longer required their fingerprint can be taken out of the door lock system. It is also probable in this program to use specific times and days when this person will be allowed in the residence, and if they should try to enter the door lock any other time and they should not be there lock will not unlock. This type of lock has several advantages such as no keys to lose, no codes to remember and the benefit of changing who can enter and who cannot.