The technique of lock picking caters to the lock picking of pin tumbler lock by using specially manufactured bump keys. All types of locks can be opened with the Bump keys. With the bump keys, intruders or you (if you’ve misplaced your original key) may unlock the lock within a minute.

How does the Bump key work?

The bump keys are very familiar with pin tumbler locks. By rotating the plug, the locks can be opened. When the bump key pulls the pin-up, a split occurs for a second.

The Beginning

Locksmiths in Westchester shared a technique for knocking on a cylinder lock in the early 1970s. Applying a small amount of pressure on the back of the plug. The pins were able to jump within the lock cylinder, allowing the plug to slide freely. The lock was easily disassembled.

Bump keys were not introduced until roughly 2002-2003 when they were perceived as a security hazard (probably a locked security issue). Lock bumping and bump keys are all the rave on the internet and in the USA these days.

The Countermeasures

Unless they have strategies to outdo the countermeasures, high-quality locks are more vulnerable to lock bumping.

For locks with a conventional tumbler mechanism with security pins, the lock bumping technique used can be a little out of hand.

When locks with trap pins engage and the pin is not supported, the cylinder locks become jammed.

The shallow drilling, which employs one or more of the pins, is also a countermeasure. The pin stack has shallower drilling than the others.

Unlike other locks that can be bumped using bump keys, programmable locks cannot be bumped.

Because some locks are Bump proof, the lock-bumping approach encounters considerable resistance.

Over the last decade, locksmiths have started competing for business by using bump keys. The household picking technique, on the other hand, has been used for a long time. Because the world is increasingly becoming digital, the future of the choices will almost certainly be digital. You can simply hire westchester locksmith as he is a professional in this field and has been providing security-related services for several years.